Welcome to the homepage of the International Foundation for Sustainability and Religious Heritage

The foundation focusses on ways to maintain religious and cultural heritage for generations to come by helping organisations to maintain their heritage in a financially and environmentally sound way and to look for alternative ways of use when preservation in its original function is not possible anymore.


Financial Sustainability

How sustainable is your religious and cultural heritage financially? Is their steady long term income or is your organisation depending on gifts and occasional grants? In order to create a sustainable future for religious institutions we offer advise to create an organisation independent from occasional gifts or grants. 


Environmental Sustainability

Religious and cultural buildings can offer great opportunities for the implementation of sustainable measures like solar panels, Aquiffer Thermal Heat Storage and other techniques. It is also possible to save energy by changing heating systems. These measures reduce maintenance costs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and add to the financial stability of organisations and heritage.


New Projects in Old Buildings

Sometimes buildings are not sustainable anymore in their original function. It is then important to find a suitable destination, close to the original function and with an added value for society. 

Article 'Dagblad de Limburger' 12 november 2015